Jump Up Listening

KRW 11,700

The Jump up Listening series is a 5-level listening program. It is aimed at familiarizing students with a variety of real-life situations as well as informative and interesting listening materials.


  • Theme-based units such as sports, transportation, culture, science, and environment
  • Natural and interesting stories in real-life situations
  • Vocabulary and expression activities to support keyword acquisitions
  • Effective and systematic listening tasks accompanied by various comprehension questions
  • Writing and speaking activities
  • Audio recordings by native English speakers
  • A workbook which includes vocabulary tests and dictations


Student Book | Workbook | Transcript | Audio CDs | MP3 Files | Answer Keys.

Download resources at www.wcbooks.co.kr

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Book 1
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Book 2
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Book 3
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Book 4
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Book 5
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