Improving Listening Skills

KRW 11,700

The Improving Listening Skills series is a 5-level listening book program. It is aimed at familiarizing students with a variety of real-life situations using everyday English and contains informative and interesting listening materials. This series also aims to develop student’s listening comprehension ability through studying core listening skills. Systematically and effectively organized, this series will prove indispensable to anyone interested in improving their listening skills.


  • Theme-based units such as friends, household issues, healthcare, space, technology, world records, etc.
  • Natural & interesting stories relating to real-life situations
  • Core listening skills such as main idea, reason/purpose, inference, sequence, etc.
  • Effective and systematic listening tasks accompanied by a variety of comprehension questions
  • Audio recordings by native English speakers
  • A workbook which includes vocabulary tests and dictations


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