Start Listening

KRW 10,800

The Start Listening series is a three-level listening program targeted towards young English learners. It is aimed to help students overcome the problems with understanding a native English speaker. By integrating real-life situations with a systematic learning approach, this series will boost the skills and confidence of everyone who is ready to start listening.


  • A creative approach that focuses on comprehension as much as listening
  • Real-life situations to increase one’s understanding of common and practical English
  • An emphasis on the aspects of English that contribute most to intelligibility,particularly being able to understand long stretches of speech
  • A wide range of entertaining topics from movies and music to science and technology
  • Unique and engaging content that will facilitate self-study
  • Audio Recordings by native English speakers
  • A workbook which includes vocabulary tests and dictations
  • Step by Step Process


Student Book | Workbook | Audio CDs | MP3 files | Answer Keys

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Book 1
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Book 2
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Book 3
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Book 4
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