Reading Highlights

A three-book reading comprehension series for intermediate learners of English as a foreign language. Intriguing and stimulating content is delivered through a series of approachable and well-organized passages.

Jump Up Reading

A three-book reading series for elementary students. The series aims to guide students with intermediate reading skills through the wide spectrum of reading texts include factual stories about animals, plants, people and more.

New Century Readings Prep

The New Century Readings Prep series is a new concept in supplementary reading practice for secondary schools. All of the articles have been specially written for the series and graded at four levels of lexical difficulty.

Moving Up Reading

A four-level reading series designed for both intermediate and high intermediate students to strengthen their reading comprehension skills.

Reading Summit

A four-book reading series aimed at familiarizing students with the TOEFL iBT reading test.

Reading Explorer

A four-book reading series aimed at devloping and refine reading strategies for the new TOEFL iBT tests.