Reading Highlights

KRW 11,700

Reading Highlights is a three-book reading comprehension series for intermediate learners of English as a foreign language. Intriguing and stimulating content is delivered through a series of approachable and well-organized passages. The clarity and natural feel of the writing encourages students to engage the text with an inquisitive mind. Students are guided towards the discovery that written English can be fun and relevant to their lives and interests.


  • Colorful and Engaging graphics that present the material in an eye-catching way
  • Vocabulary exercises that lead students from reviewing the unit vocabulary to practicing and
  • expanding their use of it
  • Comprehension exercises that test understanding and encourage an investigative approach to reading
  • Organize exercises that provide a framework for students to re-state and re-organize passage content
  • Synthesize exercises that help students recall passage content in a new way


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Book 1
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Book 2
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Book 3
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