Build Up Reading

A four-book reading series for middle school students. Through a variety of fun stories, the series aims to develop and improve students' reading skills. The wide spectrum of reading texts include factual stories about animals, plants, people and more.

Think About Reading

A four-book reading series focusing on key aspects of logical thinking skills. The series also aims at preparing the reader for various types of tasks requiring logical and creative thinking skills.

Dual Reading Plus

Dual Reading Plus

A three-leveled reading program aimed at familiarizing students with a variety of Reading Skills as well as informative and interesting reading materials.

Exploring Debates

Exploring Debate

EXPLORING DEBATE is a two-book debate series for students learning English as a foreign or second language. Interesting, topical themes will introduce students to new ideas and vocabulary while challenging them to think critically about each theme.

Grammar High

Grammar High

A three-level English grammar course for young learners. Grammar High helps learners understand and practice grammar through easy-to-follow and enjoyable exercises using natural English.

Reading for Vocabulary

A four-book reading series for students of English as a foreign or second language. The series aims to develop students’ vocabulary and reading comprehension skills through exposure to a variety of topics.