Build Up Reading

KRW 11,700

Build Up Reading is a four-book reading series for middle school students. Through a variety of fun stories, the series aims to develop and improve students' reading skills. The wide spectrum of reading texts include factual stories about animals, plants, people and more. By blending interesting and humorous content, students will be keen to read the text an engage in the related activities. Each book deals with literal and inferential forms of comprehension that are used in the various roles of the reader, and integrates grammar, vocabulary, listening, and writing.


  • Varied and interesting topics
  • Activities for reading, vocabulary, listening and summary
  • A free Workbook with a variety of vocabulary, listening and writing exercises
  • Colorful illustrations and photos to stimulate students' interest
  • Audio recording of listening activities


Student Book | Workbook | Transcript | Audio CDs | MP3 Files | Answer Keys.

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Book 1
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Level 2
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Book 3
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Book 4
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