Reading for Vocabulary

KRW 11,700

Reading for Vocabulary is a four-book reading series for students of English as a foreign or second language. The series aims to develop students’ vocabulary and reading comprehension skills through exposure to a variety of topics. Each book utilizes highly interesting and motivating passages and exercises to teach new and important vocabulary. Students are provided with an opportunity to learn a large number of useful words while improving their reading skills.


  • Various informative and interesting topics
  • Diverse exercises designed to thoroughly instruct students on the presented vocabulary
  • Comprehension quizzes to develop students’ skills in identifying and understanding main ideas, important details, and contextual clues
  • Colorful photos and illustrations to help stimulate students’ interest
  • Audio materials to assist in pronunciation and develop listening skills


Student’s Books Level A~D | Audio CDs Level A~D

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Level A
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Level B
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Level C
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Level D
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