Phonics World

KRW 9,000

Phonics World is a four-level phonics series specially written for EFL students. Phonics World introduces students to a totla of 44 English sounds. Throughout the series, students can learn phonics sounds systematically.


  • Students can learn basic sounds and phonetic values with songs and poems!
  • Each units consists of several parts: Phonemic Awareness, Letter Recognition, Learning to Write, and Sound to Symbol. Each comes witha variety of activities as well.
  • Students can check their learning processes through Review Units!
  • EFL learners can experience what life is like in native English-speaking countries thorugh Sight Words
  • Stickers, Games, and Word List are also included.


Student Book / Workbook / Audio CD

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Book 1
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Book 2
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Book 3
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Book 4
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