Reading Insights

Reading Insights

KRW 11,700

Comprehensive Reading Insights is a three-book reading comprehension series for students of English as a foreign language. The series provides a thorough approach to learning English as a young learner. The series progresses naturally, allowing students to comfortably incorporate new skills into their English repertoire while constantly reviewing previous material. Each book presents its content in a variety of formats, including “Fun Facts,” discussion questions, and graphs and charts, in order to better accustom students to the great diversity of written English


  • Engaging and informative passages to stimulate interest and promote critical thought
  • Diverse comprehension questions to help develop a thorough set of comprehension skills
  • Exciting photos and illustrations to engage students on a supra-linguistic level
  • Mind Mapping section to assist in remembering passage contents immediately after reading
  • What’s More section with charts and graphs to present English content in an alternative and challenging format


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